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Creating delicious memories, one bite at a time....

Welcome to my blog! I know, big deal, right? Everyone has a blog these days, so I figured, why not? Hopefully it will be as entertaining and enjoyable for you to read as it is for me to share.

Here you'll find recipes, tips, timesaving tricks, even reviews on restaurants, culinary adventures and the like. However, you'll also get the scoop on my laughable kitchen mishaps (well, some of them, anyway), travel stories (food-related or not), and insight into the adventures and antics of my two schnoodles, Duke & Izzy.

To me, food is not just a way to sustain life, it is an experience to be enjoyed and shared with friends and loved ones. I hope to encourage you to use your mealtimes as a way to create fantastic memories with those around you and to savor every delicious bite.

Have a blessed day!

Chef Sallie

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